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Kendall PC

Our attorneys have earned the position as trusted, strategic advisors supporting the legal needs of both emerging and established life sciences companies.

We advise on a wide range of complex cases involving local, national and international issues. We have significant and relevant experience working with life sciences companies on the full spectrum of issues that present themselves while successfully commercializing products, including challenges companies face with respect to product approvals, life-cycle management, pricing and reimbursement strategies, distribution, drug and medical device specific regulations, corporate and healthcare compliance and their respective internal investigations, products’ liability, corporate transactions and privacy.

We are strategic, creative, cost-effective and client-driven. We focus solely on the life sciences industry. We work with clients to truly understand their business, business objectives and risk tolerances. Our deep-rooted knowledge of both government and industry allows us to help our clients understand actual and/or potential business implications in the current legal/regulatory and enforcement environments. We think beyond and outside of any question to provide clients with innovative, fit-for-purpose advice. We recognize that every client has different goals, budgets and risk tolerances, and our deep base of industry and regulatory knowledge allows us to provide great value to our clients.


Commitment to Quality

The firm’s commitment to quality begins with establishing relationships based on trust, communication and responsiveness. We listen to our clients’ concerns and expectations while refining our service to ensure that these needs are met. We recognize that service begins with accessibility and ends with fulfilled expectations. We commit to being a long-term partner with our clients, and place the highest value on building close working relationships.

Ethics & Professional Responsibility to Quality

We recognize our ethical and professional responsibilities to our clients, the courts and the public. As our standard for professional conduct, we ensure that our practices reflect the highest ethical and professional standards.

Commitment to Clients

Our firm bases its commitment to client service on developing an intimate knowledge of each client’s business objectives, operations and needs. Our clients’ success is a measure of our success. That is why we collaborate closely with our clients and work diligently and efficiently to help them achieve their goals. Guided by a team-oriented philosophy, we encourage ongoing communication and collaboration to ensure that we understand every client’s objectives and can easily accommodate any changing needs. With in-depth life sciences industry knowledge and legal experience, we address the most complicated issues and focus on what matters most to our clients.

Our Mission

The mission of Kendall PC is to provide quality legal services to our clients in a timely manner at a fair price using a team of highly skilled and motivated people, emphasizing our significant, broad legal experience in life sciences industry.

We grow our practice through reputation and relationship building, uncompromising client services, and impeccably high ethical standards.