Outsourced Legal Services

Our outsourced general, corporate and/or regulatory counsel offering is a fixed fee service that allows clients to staff an in-house general, corporate or regulatory counsel function that satisfies the business’ day-to-day needs for legal support at a predictable cost. The service provides comprehensive legal support to company owners, board of directors, executive management, sales, human resources, legal, finance, administrative and operations personnel.

Our outsourced general, corporate and/or regulatory counsel functions allow clients to meet all day-to-day demands – the only matters not included within the flat fee arrangement are non-routine matters. For example, equity or debt financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, patent applications, lawsuits, and arbitration or administrative proceedings are typically not included in this service (except for management and oversight of outside counsel in such matters and ongoing general advice of a nature that inside counsel would provide).


  • Prepare, review and negotiate contracts with customers, strategic partners, vendors, consultants, and other business partners.
  • Contract management (e.g., implementation of standard commercial agreements/programs for customers, strategic partners and vendors and establish standard contracting processes and controls).
  • General day-to-day legal advice and counseling on general and industry-specific legal issues, with particular expertise in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries.
  • Attend shareholder, board and management meetings, audit committee meeting and compliance committee meetings.
  • Participate in and support client’s strategic planning as requested.
  • Corporate governance and entity management/maintenance.
  • General employment matters, such as advice on hiring and termination decisions, review and establish employment policies, standard employment contracts, confidentiality and non-compete agreements and the like.
  • Executive and employee compensation, benefit and incentive plans.
  • Management of legal subject matter experts (both within and outside of the company) and other outside consultants to obtain timely and accurate advice and manage cost.
  • General risk and litigation management.
  • Legal support for pre and post-launch of new product offerings.
  • Routine regulatory filings and compliance (if applicable).


  • Regular access to law firm resources at a predictable cost.
  • More cost effective, and greater value for money than full time in-house counsel.
  • Receive experienced general, corporate and/or regulatory counsel/senior executive level support at lower cost than full-time in-house counsel.
  • Adds depth and subject matter expertise to management team at a predictable cost.
  • Aligns interests of company and outside counsel; no incentive to generate billable hours.
  • Improves effectiveness and value of legal services because of close relationship and familiarity with each client’s employees, product(s)/service(s) and business operations.


  • Monthly fee remains the same regardless of time used; willingness to invest more time when needs are greater in return for recurring monthly fee.
  • Amount of monthly fee subject to periodic review and assessment as needs change.
  • Willingness to quote “out-of-scope” projects as a fixed fee or other alternative fee arrangement.